Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nigori Sakura Hana

Nigori Sakura Hana

Soy milk
Jasmine essence or jasmine flowers
Simple syrup or sugar
A drop of grenadine syrup

Infuse soy milk with jasmine flowers by soaking them in the liquid for a few minutes. Discard flowers or use as garnish. In a shaker, combine sake, soy milk, simple syrup and ice. Pour onto a zombie glass and garnish with a pandan leaf, jasmine blossom and a drop of grenadine syrup.
This is a sake concoction I have come up with. It is still under experimentation to come up with the exact measurements to achieve the best taste and appearance. I'll keep you posted on the final measurements.

I got this idea when I was online looking for Sake concoctions when I stumbled on this site with a .pdf file showing a menu of their sake products. I saw something that says "Nigori Sake - unfiltered, sweet milky taste." I was inspired by the phrase "sweet milky taste." I thought of something that is milky in color and sweet and that is still cognizant of the Japanese beverage. Soya milk came to my mind and from there I started formulating a recipe. As a twist, I thought of infusing the soya milk with jasmine flowers and adding sugar or syrup to sweeten it. Japan is synonymous with cherry blossoms or "sakura" for cherry and "hana" for flowers or blossoms. I used Nigori to acknowledge the inspiration. Thus, I came up with Nigori Sakura Hana. Enjoy!

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